What Would You Change About Rescued with Purpose?

He leans back in his chair, eyeing everyone in the room. They talk about God, but he’s still searching for answers.

She closes her eyes. The bruises on her arm remind her of the relationship she never thought she’d end up in.

He ends up in juvenile detention for the second time. Was this the life he was destined for?

Though these aren’t any particular individuals, they are general descriptions of many teens and young adults today.

Some are in detention centers, some find themselves in distant, or even abusive relationships, some have grown up in the church but haven’t experienced their own friendship with Christ.

The hope of Christ has changed our lives, here at Rescued with Purpose, and our desire is to share that with others.

Ministries are everywhere. You’ve got women’s ministries, men’s ministries, youth ministries, addiction recovery programs, worship/music ministries, along with countless others.

Rescued with Purpose isn’t just another program. 

As a ministry seeking to walk right alongside teens and young adults who are hurting, struggling and seeking more than temporary fixes, we value what you have to say.

2019 is upon us, along with its own set of new opportunities and challenges. Our mission is to allow God to take control of this ministry and use it in whatever way He sees as best.

You are the reason we keep this ministry going.

Your life matters. 

Will you help us reach more young adults who are struggling? We’ve put together a few questions that will only take 2-minutes to answer. You can find the questions here.

Our desire is to make Rescued with Purpose more than ‘just another program’, but rather a ministry used by God to share His hope and freedom with the struggling youth and young adults of today.

This is your chance to tell us what you like and don’t like about this ministry, along with what you’d like to see in the future.

What would you change about Rescued with Purpose? >Answer a few questions and let us know!