Trusting God in the Midst of Fear

Photo credit goes out to my friend, Jacob Hollen. Check out his Unsplash page here!

“It clutches tightly to my mind. Though I run and try to escape, I go nowhere. Everything in me waits for what will happen next. Peace is right in front of me, but my hands only graze it. My heart quickens its beat as thoughts swirl about me.” (an entry from my journal: my description of fear).

This is how I describe fear. A terrible force that latches onto me, making it feel nearly impossible to escape.

My entire life, I’ve struggled with worry. When I was younger, I had nightmares. As I got older, I became afraid of the unknown; afraid that, if I truly surrendered my life to God, He wouldn’t follow through. At times, even now, I find myself falling into that pit.

I had allowed the dark force of fear to dictate the way I lived. Though I had longed for the freedom and hope that’d been offered to me, my hands could never fully grasp it. Yet, I wondered why I couldn’t feel God’s peace. Where was the comfort my soul ached for?

For years, I believed that I would never get out of, what seemed to be, an endless cycle. In fact, many of us have struggled with this, at one time or another. Though we desire to be free of the bondage, we can’t find the way out. We read, in the Bible, that we’re supposed to trust God, but how can we when life is unpredictable and scary?

How can we trust God in the midst of fear?

Though I’ve struggled with anxiety and worry for a long time, I’m no longer trapped by the lies Satan whispered to my mind. No doubt, the lies still creep in. Satan hasn’t stopped trying to capture me, but he can’t grab a hold of me like he used to.

What made the difference? I found that, while I claimed to have faith, part of me hadn’t let go of fear. It wasn’t until I decided to fully surrender to Christ that I started to live the life He wanted for me: one of freedom, hope, and joy.

Now that Jesus has shown me how to fully surrender to Him everyday, I’m able to use my life to share His love with the people around me! That being said, fear is still one of my hardest struggles. I’ve had to re-focus my thinking onto Christ and off of my worries.

As I’ve learned to trust God, even in the midst of worry, I’ve come across two habits that have really helped me!

1. Open Your Heart

Even if no one else knows how terrified we are, God does. He understands exactly how we feel because He knows what we’ve gone through and what we’re afraid of.

One of the most comforting and beneficial things we can do when we’re trying to trust the Lord is simply opening up our heart to Him.

It doesn’t matter where we are. We can just start telling God what’s going on. Yes, He already knows, but by telling him ourselves, it helps to get our thoughts out and causes us to realize that Christ has the victory over fear.

Whenever I’m afraid, I like to either pray out loud in my room or write a prayer in my journal. Jesus loves listening to us and He wants nothing more than for us to turn to Him when we’re going through something.

2. Open Your Eyes

When I was younger and I had nightmares, my parents started praying with me and reading Bible verses to me each night. From that time forward, whenever I’m scared, I turn to a specific passage of Scripture- Psalm 91. This chapter has been the one I turn to ever since I was younger.

So, after opening our heart (by talking to God), we can now open our eyes (by reading Scripture). 

Go through your Bible and pick out a passage of Scripture that you can go back to whenever you’re struggling with fear. Psalms is a super good book for that, but it doesn’t have to come from there!

Fear can try and take us captive, but when we let Jesus fight for us, it loses its power.

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I challenge you to open your heart and eyes the next time you’re worried. When you give those burdens to God, you’ll be able to finally say, “So long, fear, I’ve got Jesus to cling to!”