The Scariest Story I’ve Ever Read

There it was again, staring back at me. The courage it took to even pick it up escaped me. Inside those pages were words I feared no one, not even myself, could comprehend.

I knew the story, in and of itself, was nothing. Yet it spoke with such authority. 

It was filled with ups and downs; times when the main character had pushed against the obstacles in her way and times when she had let the obstacles push her.

The author was powerful and everything He had written had a profound impact on those who cared enough to listen. However, the girl this particular book was about was hesitant. Did she really want other people to read about her life?

This is the scariest story I’ve ever read. Why? Because it’s mine.

We all have a story. Every. Single. Person. Yet, if you take a look around, there are a lot of us who only share certain chapters. Sometimes, we don’t even read the whole book to ourselves.

We like to highlight the good times and show those to all our friends. When it comes to showing off the hard times, well, we’d rather not.

Face it. Opening up about struggles and fears is hard. I know because it took a long time for me to even think about sharing my story.

There are two main reasons people don’t open up.

  1. They think they’re alone.
  2. They worry what people will think of them.

While those seem like valid reasons, they ultimately destroy us. 

Take a look at Elijah. He had it made. God was working through him, performing miracles and making an impact. Yet, he went off by himself and told God to take his life. Yes, this is the Elijah in 1 Kings; the prophet of the Lord sent to help God’s people.

He’s not the only one with a story either. Look at Moses. He was called on a mission by God, but he was so scared that he wouldn’t know what to say or if people would even believe him.

David took another man’s wife and killed him, but when confronted, he turned his life around and accepted the consequences.

Paul was a man who hated Christians. He tortured them, imprisoned them, and killed them. After a miraculous conversion, he was ready to join the Christians and live for God. However, he was afraid to share his story with the other apostles for fear that they wouldn’t believe he had really changed.

There are countless others in the Bible who had some pretty crazy stories. Without them, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to read about God’s love and power to change even the most sinful man’s heart.

It sure would’ve been heartbreaking if those people had hid all their mistakes because then we wouldn’t get to see how amazing God really is!

All of those stories mentioned above had hard times, but they are still used to help you and me.

Your story doesn’t have to be the scariest story you’ve ever read.

Remember, God’s the author. He knows what He’s doing and, if you let Him, He can use your story to help someone; maybe even you!

Challenge: Read your story. Don’t skip chapters. Then, intentionally look for an opportunity to share it with someone.

Leave the results to God. He can handle it.