The Only Water That Will Satisfy Your Thirst

I’m out of breath. As I catch up to the other runners up ahead, I scramble to unscrew the cap of my water bottle and take a long, refreshing gulp.

The cold water rushing down my throat cools me for a short time, but I feel the need to take another drink only a few minutes later. If I would’ve known how hot it would be this day, I would’ve rather stayed at home in the nice, cool air conditioning.

I struggle to keep up with the other girls who seem to be pros at running, but it’s not long before I stop for another long gulp of water.

If only it would satisfy me for a longer period of time. If only my thirst for more would just go away.

It’s just like life. We feel this thirst; this longing for something to fulfill us. The more we try to fill it with things we think will satisfy, the more we get dragged down.

Maybe you’re the one who wishes more people liked you. You find your value in what others think and say. Popularity seems like the only route to go.

Maybe you’re the one who wants to be in control. After all, if you’re in control of everything, no one can hurt you, right?

Or maybe you’re the one who will do anything in order to avoid rejection. You’re so desperate for love that you are willing to go as far as you need to to gain acceptance.

Whatever your circumstances may be, you’re not alone. In fact, there is a woman in the Bible who dealt with those same feelings. Though the Bible doesn’t call her by name, I’d like to call her Grace.

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