Our Mission

Have you ever felt alone and abandoned? Do you wish you could fully trust God with your life, but wonder if it’s even possible? Are you looking for ways to take your faith seriously and live it out in light of eternity? We, as young men and women, crave more than a temporary fix. We want something real. We want to know God for who He really is and live a life that counts.

Rescued with Purpose

When Jesus Christ died and rose again, He did it with you and me in mind. He overcame death. God loved us enough to live a life of hardship and persecution, but also a life of beauty and meaning. He gave Himself up and rescued us. We often hear of God’s love, but doubt it because of trials. We often read about Jesus’ death on the cross, but live as though it means nothing.

We were rescued; rescued with purpose. 

It’s good to ask the hard questions. It’s worth it to get to know the Lord in order learn how to love and trust Him. Because we were saved, our lives aren’t simply empty or meaningless. What we do and how we live matters. Our mission is to share what it means to trust God in the midst of hardship and how to get serious about living for Him.

You were rescued with purpose and that makes all the difference. 


Kayla Marie Matlock is a young woman with a passion for sharing joy with the hurting and deepening her faith. She is the founder of Rescued with Purpose Ministries and plans to pursue the career of counseling. She loves youth ministry and is excited to see where the Lord leads.