Just a Crush or True Love?

You’re sitting in a Bible study group- next to the most handsome guy you’ve ever seen. Not only is he good-looking, but he’s been quoting scripture all evening and even offered to close in prayer!

The phrase “love at first sight” floats through your mind. You’re in love!

Next thing you know, you can’t stop thinking about this guy. You talk about him with your friends and hope that he will at least notice you. Weeks go by and the fact still remains that you’ve never met this young man.

Though you desperately want to talk to him, you decide to steer clear and admire from a distance. This crush won’t go away! What’s a girl to do?

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, I’m sure feelings of romance and excitement are approaching as well. How can we respond to crushes in a God-honoring way?

1. Don’t Let Your Crush be the Center of Your Conversations

When a girl likes a guy, it’s easy to want to talk about him- a lot. And, if you have friends who talk about guys all the time, it doesn’t take much encouragement to get you talking too.

Now, I’m not saying that we can never talk about a guy we’ve noticed (in fact, a good idea is to talk with our parents about it). However, we need to be aware of how much attention we are placing on it.

Talking about our crushes to friends all the time will only encourage us to obsess. Instead, gear the conversation toward another topic and put your focus back on Christ.

2. Pray and Quote Scripture

It’s easy to dismiss thoughts about a certain guy only to have them return a couple minutes later.

A good way to combat this is to pray for someone every time you feel the need to daydream about your crush. This could be someone you know is having a hard time or maybe just a prayer of encouragement for a friend.

Another strategy is to say Bible verses you’ve memorized (either in your head or aloud). This will help get your focus back to where it should be.


3. Remember that God has a Plan

All of us find ourselves noticing a certain guy now and again. There’s nothing wrong with liking someone. We just need to learn how to respond to that in a God-honoring way.

Don’t forget that God has a plan!

He’s writing a beautiful love story for you! When the tie is right, He will lead you to a guy who loves Him and will respect you. It will be better than anything we can come up with on our own and in our own time.

Until then, we are called to treat the guys in our lives as brothers in Christ and wait in God’s timing.

What about you?

Is there a certain guy you’ve had your eye on? How can you respond in a God-honoring way?

Would you add any more tips to my list? I’d love to hear them!

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!