Uncover what it means to trust God in the midst of hardship, live a life of authentic faith, and reach out to the people around you. 

Help! I’m in a Spiritual Desert and Dying of Thirst

With each step, the journey becomes more difficult. You’ve walked miles and miles only to end up in the desert heat. Your throat aches and begs for a drink, but

My Journey: Anxiety, Depression and a Good God

Change ruined my life. Then again, maybe it showed me the meaning of faith. Whatever the case, its impact was much more drastic than I could have imagined. Many people

9/11: Hope Lives On

America was attacked. As people went about their daily routines; as they took their seats on the planes, ready to head home, tragedy broke out. September 11, 2001 was a

Need Prayer?

You’re never alone in this journey. If you are struggling with something, want to praise God, or simply need a reminder that God is listening, we’d love to pray for you!