15 Ways to Impact Your Broken Community

Written By: Kayla Marie

People are everywhere. We drive past one another. We shop in the same stores. We eat at the same places.

Everyday, we encounter one person after another, each with their own unique story. Some, filled with hope and redemption. Others, with pain and heartbreak.

The young girl you see walking to school every morning has a story. Her parents are divorced. She’s been abused and tossed to the side. Every night she eats by herself, wondering why her dad is hardly ever home.

Do you know her? Do you know what she’s gone through? Not a chance.

The fact is, our communities are broken. We live in a world filled with hurting people who just want a reason to hope again.

It’s sad, yes, but the story doesn’t end there.

Throughout our communities there are also people who are actively making a difference. They’ve seen pain and decided to do something about it. They live lives of joy, even through difficult circumstances. And, just like you, they too have a strong desire to impact their community.

Jesus has commanded us to love our neighbors and help those in need. What are we waiting for?

15 Ways to Impact Your Broken Community
  1. Volunteer at your local Pregnancy Resource Center.
  2. Make your own blessing bags and pass them out.
  3. Gather a group of friends and do random acts of kindness around town.
  4. Offer to help your neighbors with yard work.
  5. Host a Bible study for teen girls.
  6. Babysit for a single mom.
  7. Sit with the girl who eats alone at school.
  8. Write an encouraging note to your teachers.
  9. Host a car wash and donate the proceeds to a ministry.
  10. Visit a nursing home and talk with the people.
  11. Invite a friend or neighbor to church.
  12. Visit someone who is sick.
  13. Support your local Human Trafficking Task Force.
  14. Pray for the people you encounter throughout the day.
  15. Take time to smile and greet others.

The list is endless. We may not personally know everyone in our communities, but we can offer joy and hope in Christ through our willingness to impact the world.

Whether you live in the small town of  Buford or the booming city of Las Vegas, God can use you to make a difference .

Our communities need people who are willing to put others ahead of themselves. Our communities need people who will donate their time and energy to help others.

Will you be that person? The choice is up to you.