10 Fun Ways to Strengthen Your Friendships

Guest Post by Kierstin Matlock

We all want to get to know our friends better. We all want to be a better friend to those around us. What better time to do that than with simple, fun summer activities!

Here are 10 fun ways to strengthen your friendships!

1. Go hang out at your local coffee shop

What’s more relaxing than chilling at a coffee shop, sipping on a hot (or cold!) drink with your friend? This is a great chance for you to catch up and get to know each other better! It also gives you an opportunity to really focus on them, without distractions.

2. Send each other little notes

Little notes of encouragement. They don’t have to be long or fancy. Sending each other notes (either in person or in the mail) is a great way to show that you care. You can even include some of these encouraging Bible verses!

  • Isaiah 40:31
  • Joshua 1:9
  • Psalm 31:24
  • Proverbs 3:5-6
  • John 16:33
3. Pray with them

Let your friends know that you are there for them and are available to talk. Prayer is a powerful thing. After all, it’s how we talk to God! Praying for and with your friends plays a major role in keeping those friendships strong.

If your friend isn’t comfortable praying with you, let them know you’ll be praying for them at home.

4. Go camping in the yard

I’ve done this and it is a ton of fun! It’s a real friendship builder!

Pitching the tent, building a fire, and putting together a successful camp out builds teamwork. Plus, when the work is done, you get to hang out in the tent, around the fire, or enjoy delicious s’mores!

5. Host a themed game night 

Pick a theme, any theme, decorate, and have a game night at your house! Games are a great way to have fun and bond with your friends.

6. Go out for a picnic 

Head on over to the park because its time for a picnic! Gather together some yummy food, roll out the blanket, and enjoy spending time with your friends.

Try setting aside any distractions that could take away from your experience.

7. Have a bowling night

You don’t have to be good at it. I’m sure not! Who cares if bowling isn’t one of your greatest skills? The point is to have fun, encourage each other, and build stronger friendships.

8. Photo Shoot

Pick your favorite scenic area, get out there, and take some pictures!

The possibilities are endless. Taking silly, serious, or simply smiling pictures definitely tests your creativity and makes for a wonderful time together.

9. Host a Bible study

Studying the Bible together brings you closer as friends. It can also be a witnessing tool for your friends who don’t have a relationship with Christ.  It gives your the opportunity to share your faith and spread God’s love.

10. Go on a road trip with no planned destination

My mom, sister, and I did this a while back. At first, we looked up some small towns in our state to travel to. We started our journey, taking country back roads, and stopping to take some photos of the beautiful scenery.

Finally, we made it to the town that was originally going to be our destination. We didn’t stop there! We decided to just keep on going, have fun, and get closer as family and friends.

These ideas are just the beginning!

Tell me what you and friends decide to do this summer! I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!