Uncover what it means to trust God in the midst of hardship, live a life of authentic faith, and reach out to the people around you. 

Jesus Prayed for You

Have you ever told someone you’d pray for them, but forgot about it later? Have you ever asked someone to pray for you, but wonder if they actually do? As

Finding Hope When God Feels Far Away

The sun slowly disappears. Your pain, your mistakes, and your worries come rushing in. The night has begun. Whispers find their way to your mind, telling you no one’s here.

Communicating With Guys: Part 2

The guys in your life have intrinsic value. Not only them, but so do you! Because we were all created in God’s image, the way we communicate with each other

Need Prayer?

You’re never alone in this journey. If you are struggling with something, want to praise God, or simply need a reminder that God is listening, we’d love to pray for you!