Uncover what it means to trust God in the midst of hardship, live a life of authentic faith, and reach out to the people around you. 

The Scariest Story I’ve Ever Read

There it was again, staring back at me. The courage it took to even pick it up escaped me. Inside those pages were words I feared no one, not even

Distracted: When Youth Group is More About You Than God

The sun slowly disappeared, covering the lake with an array of colors. Soaking in the beauty around me, I started to tell God all about what had been going on,

What Would You Change About Rescued with Purpose?

He leans back in his chair, eyeing everyone in the room. They talk about God, but he’s still searching for answers. She closes her eyes. The bruises on her arm remind her

Need Prayer?

You’re never alone in this journey. If you are struggling with something, want to praise God, or simply need a reminder that God is listening, we’d love to pray for you!